Ecommerce Fulfillment

As Ecommerce grows, consumers are relying on products that arrive fast and can be purchased at a good price. At KMG, we provide flexible fulfillment solutions, grow with your business, and use the latest technology to ensure accuracy and timely deliveries. We strive to create and design fulfillment programs that meet each individual customer’s needs.

Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment

Here at KMG, we know the importance of timely deliveries and order accuracy. With the help of our intricate inventory system and proactive staff, KMG ensures that your orders will be distributed in a time-effective and precise manner.

Kitting and Packaging

Unique items are growing fast in the ecommerce world. With kitting and packaging, you can target more customers who want a variety of the items that you sell. Here at KMG, we have the capabilities to fulfill your variety packs, kits, and even holiday packs in our facilities.

Frozen and Refrigerated Fulfillment

At KMG we serve many clients in the food industry and specialize in temperature-controlled storage. We are able to store and fulfill all of your frozen and refrigerated products. With the ability to store goods from 33 degrees to -7 degrees, KMG can handle a wide variety of temperature sensitive foods.

Return Processing

We know how frustrating and complicated returns can be. We are here to help! We take the work out of returns for all of our customers by streamlining the process.  

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